Cool Product Alert: NEBO Flashlights!

Want to see in the dark? Well these are some serious illuminators!
Nebo Flashlights are now available at Crest Hardware. Here's a few of the models we currently have in-stock:

First up, we have the Nebo CSI Edge 90, which is a powerful little high-intensity tactical flashlight. Constructed of anodized aircraft grade aluminum, The EDGE™ outputs 90 lumens with 1 powerful LED. These also feature a steel clip to keep attached to you at all times or to clip onto a secure area for hands-free lighting. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, The Edge is called "The Edge" due to its aggressive face which has sharp edges and can be used for emergency self-defense! A great tool to carry in your bag or clip to your belt.

Nebo Edge 90

Nebo Edge 90

Next up, we have a telescopic flashlight from the Nebo Redline series: The Classic Redline OC.
This little flashlight is capable of 6x adjustable zoom, making it a cinch to pin point objects in the dark. The Redline OC also features a magnetic base which is great for retrieving dropped items in the dark, especially handy while working on projects with dark crevasses, such as behind a dresser or between floorboards. 
This flashlight also features a clip and aggressive edge as well as a glow-in-the-dark button!


Nebo Classic Redline OC

Nebo Classic Redline OC

The BendBrite is perfect for desks, workbenches, studio tables and surfaces. Clip it wherever you need light! Bring it camping, bring it to work, bring it home, clip it to your bike, use it in your car, under the hood, under the seat, keep it in the glove compartment... you get the idea! This light is clip-able and flexible to suit your many needs.

Nebo BendBright

Nebo BendBright

Last and definitely most brolic is the Nebo Larry BOSS.
This is the ultimate flashlight. The Nebo Larry BOSS has 4 light modes: Flashlight, Worklight, Red Hazard Light, Blinking Red Hazard Light. Each mode is dimmable from 100% to 30%. The flashlight is 120 lumens,
worklight is 400 lumens and hazards are 40 lumens. This is truly a beast of a flashlight!
But wait! There's more... the flashlight also features a magnetic telescopic extension which can reach deep into small spaces to grab nails, screws and any other magnetic items lost in the cracks! This magnet is so powerful it can grab heavier items such as utensils, tape measures, and pocket knives, we've tested it!

Nebo Larry Boss

Nebo Larry Boss

Telescopic magnetic antenna

Telescopic magnetic antenna

Check out these awesome flashlights and many more accessories at Crest Hardware! We are located at 558 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn

BOGO 1/2 OFF! Adirondack Chairs & Fire Starter Logs!

adirondack Chairs bonfire light n go

Take advantage of our extended 4th of July sale and grab yourself a few patio chairs and bonfire starter logs! Buy one, get one 1/2 off!

The Bonfire Light n' Go log is perfect for entertaining the kids with a slow and steady burning log for melting marshmellows and keeping warm during chilly summer nights.
Our Adirondack Chairs are great for porches,
patios and backyards. We also have assorted colors to match your style! 


Delicious BBQ Rubs & Sauces

This epic '4 Day July 4th Weekend' is the perfect time to stock up on BBQ essentials that will last through the whole season! 
Traeger (makers of the famous woodfired grill), just released a line of mouth-watering new rubs and sauces for all kinds of meats! 

These flavorful products are gluten-free, kosher and non-gmo!
100% Made in the USA

traeger sauces and rubs brooklyn

Pair them up with flavored wood pellets and have yourself a tasty time!

Come by Crest Hardware and check out the selection of rubs & sauces, wood fired grills, flavored pellets and classic BBQ accessories from Traeger.

Field Trip to Crest Hardware!

We had a great time today building birdhouses with Miss Franquinha's class from PS 91 in Glendale, Queens. The class stopped by to learn about plants, visit Franklin the Pig and get involved in do-it-yourself projects!

Miss Franquinha and her class

Miss Franquinha and her class

The kids with their finished birdhouses

The kids with their finished birdhouses

We used Melissa & Doug Birdhouses sold at Crest Hardware. We carry an assortment of fun projects and activities for children!

Outdoor Weather Is Upon Us!

With Summer just around the corner, we just got a new shipment of Bonfire's Light-n-Go Portable Birch Log!

Perfect for quick & easy bonfires, fire pits, and BBQs. Put it virtually anywhere and create a beautiful bonfire with only one match!

No chemicals! Just pure kiln dried beautiful white birch, with a paperboard firestarter.

It’s safe for cooking, indoors or out.

Just one match and you're playing with fire!

Just one match and you're playing with fire!

The Light ‘n Go Bonfire burns more than 1.5 hours and can be enjoyed in a fire pit or fireplace. Take them camping, cook marshmallows, hotdogs, or drop a frying pan on the log for eggs.

This could be you and your family!

This could be you and your family!

Bonfire products are available at Crest Hardware, voted New York's #1 Hardware Store!

BindleStiff Family Cirkus Presents:

Crest is a proud sponsor of the Cardboard & Ducktape Spectacular!

For more information on the event check out: BINDLESTIFF FAMILY CIRKUS

bindlestiff family cirkus

Bindlestiff’s latest production, A Cardboard & Duct Tape Spectacular, returns to NYC’s Connelly Theater after a successful premiere run in 2016. A little imagination can go a long way, and the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus continues to reimagine classic American circus tradition with a unique contemporary twist.

Join Bindlestiff’s cast of acrobats, aerialists, jugglers, sideshow marvels, and vaudevillians as they pare the Cirkus down to its most basic elements: discovery, risk, and joy. Always ready to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, these talented performers bring the audience back to their own childhood experiences of fun. Follow the Bindlestiffs and discover that some cardboard, duct tape, and creativity is all that’s needed to find delight.

Crest Deliveries in Full-Effect!

We finally have our very own fully-decorated Crest Hardware delivery van, featuring our famous Key Guy mascot!
Now you can shop at Crest and not have to worry about carrying heavy or over-sized items home or on the train. 
Check out our delivery page HERE to see our covered zones and pricing.

crest hardware store delivery van

Secret Stash

If for some reason you need to hide your liquor, then this book is for you!

It's entitled 'Chemistry 101: Liquor', but it only contains one page.. the rest of the space it taken by a stainless steel flask of which you can fill with your favorite beverage. 

You can also just take the flask with you and hide other valuables inside the book's secret compartment. 

Peep the engraving.. the isotopic formula for ethanol :)

Peep the engraving.. the isotopic formula for ethanol :)

Another fine product by Kikkerland available at Crest Hardware, NYC's #1 Hardware Store. 

All-Weather Notepads for Outdoors!

Rather not risk damaging your phone to write an address or phone number in the rain? Rite in the Rain offers notebooks and writing instruments for outdoor work and activities. 

These notepads can withstand being submerged and drenched in liquid, while still holding perfectly legible writings and notes. You can even use them directly in the rain... They're 100% waterproof!

Personally, I use these awesome little notepads for tracking my sites during backpacking trips in the Catskills. Many times I've been caught in horrible storms and needed to jot down my distance or name of the next destination without taking out my phone and risking the damage. 
It's always a good idea to carry a small pen and paper with you when you venture outdoors, so better to have ones that are built to

Bike Accessories and Gear

We upped our bike game this year and dedicated a section of the store for all things bike related. 

We're carrying items from Kikkerland and Nite Ize, along with bike locks and other necessities. 

Our selection includes bike lights, phone holders, bike repair kits, hi-visibility items, bells, attachable speakers and more. Come by Crest to check out the full selection or pop in while you're riding through Williamsburg!

Games, Toys & Activity Kits!

With Spring on the way, we chose to designate a section of Crest Hardware into our very own Kid's Corner! 

We are now carrying an assortment of products from 'Melissa & Doug' whose goal is to create toys that encourage children to get thinking and start discovering. Their products include a countless variety of entertaining games and activities. Everything from little gardening supplies, mini tool sets and Do-it-Yourself projects for the kids. 

melissa and doug nyc
melissa and doug retailer
kids gardening tools
cresthardware kids toys

Stop by Crest and check our selection! We're carrying an assortment of indoor and outdoor games as well as family friendly products and kits.

Super Useful Home Goods

In the first installation of 'Super Useful Home Goods', we'd like to introduce the 'G-Clamp Bottle Opener' from Suck UK.

G-Clamp is In-Stock at Crest Hardware

G-Clamp is In-Stock at Crest Hardware

This 2-in-1 , G-Clamp/Bottle opener is perfect for any workshop or studio. Just clamp it right to your desk or work surface and you're ready to roll! The best part is that it's easily removable, so you can bring it camping or clamp it to your backyard table during BBQs. 

G Clamp in action.

G Clamp in action.

Suck UK is a London based home goods company specializing in uniquely designed accessories for your home, workspace and office. 


Have you tried Poo-Pourri?

Poo-Pourri is a magical formula of essential oils that when sprayed into the toilet, will create a layer that works as a barrier to secure odor and leave the room smelling clean from the start. Remember to spray it before you go! That's the magical part!

Here at Crest Hardware we always keep a bottle of Poo-Pourri in the bathroom. No one likes to haphazardly walk in and catch the 'essence' of the last person. We recommend Poo-Pourri and carry it in the shop.

We just got a new shipment of Original Citrus, Royal Flush (colone frangrance) and Shoe-Pourri, which is a foot odor solution to keep your shoes stink-free!


"Spritz the bowl before you go and no one will ever know!"

F'lint Lint Rollers Available at Crest!

Flint link roller

F'lint is an award winning lint roller that is retractable and easy to carry along.
Check out the video below to see how it works:

Finally, a lint roller that speaks to me!  F'lint lint rollers are not only available in an assortment of awesome colors, they also work great and are easy to carry with you in case of an emergency! They are made of convenient tear-away sheets with light adhesive that pick up lint and removes it from any fabric.
Friends don't let friends walk around with lint all over their backs, so do the right thing and get yourself a F'lint lint roller. Be a hero and save yourself and others the embarrassment of unsightly lint creatures creeping on your clothes. 

 F'lint is available at Crest Hardware in an assortment of colors! 

Throwback Thursday

Here's a picture from 2007, the year we officially broke ground in creating our now 5000 SF Urban Garden Center. 

Circa 2007

Circa 2007

We spent a good amount of time clearing out the area, pulling up roots and laying out the framework for our vision. It took a few years before we were able to build the garden center to what it is today, but memories like these remind us how it all started.



Scrub Daddy In-Stock!!

The Original Scrub Daddy is now in stock at Crest! The Scrub Daddy is the most successful item that was featured on the TV show 'SharkTank'.

You might think it's just a cute sponge with a smiley-face but this sponge means business. The innovative 'flex texture' feature makes the brush brittle and hard when running under cold water, which is great for scrubbing hard to clean surfaces such as pots and pans. When you run the Scrub Daddy under hot water it becomes soft which is great for getting into the bottom of cups and into crevasses. And... The smiley-face isn't just for cute-ness points, it also makes it easier to clean utensils, just stick the end of a fork or spoon into the mouth and effortlessly get both sides clean and shiny!


Scrub a dub dub.