BioLite: 'Connecting The Watts' - A Short Film Series

We want to share a series of short films that The BioLite Team has been working on over the last 2 years.

Each short film follows the power of energy through a different lens, and when watched as a series, a broader picture emerges of a micro-revolution of practical solutions that begin with the individual.

Shot in East Africa, where just a few watts can unlock profound transformations to everyday life; where a day of sun can enable overnight safety; where a charged phone can run an entire small business.

Watch the stories unfold below:




To learn more about this project and Biolite products, go to :

KIT & Co. Hardware and Kits!

We are proud to announce that we now carry KIT & Co. hardware and kits!

Kit & Co. hardware is specially designed for building custom tables, consoles, shelving and other DIY projects. Make your furniture exactly how you want it! Each piece can be purchased a-la-carte, or you can get a pre-packaged kit that works specific to your project. We are carrying kits for coffee tables and shelving, as well as extra pieces to add to your design!

Check out some of the finished pieces and video below!