We Won! Voted Best Hardware Store in BK 2019!!!

We want to thank everyone who voted! We are honored to have been nominated and super psyched to win!

A Special Thank You to our employees for helping to make Crest Hardware the best Hardware Store in Brooklyn!

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All-Weather Notepads for Outdoors!

Rather not risk damaging your phone to write an address or phone number in the rain? Rite in the Rain offers notebooks and writing instruments for outdoor work and activities. 

These notepads can withstand being submerged and drenched in liquid, while still holding perfectly legible writings and notes. You can even use them directly in the rain... They're 100% waterproof!

Personally, I use these awesome little notepads for tracking my sites during backpacking trips in the Catskills. Many times I've been caught in horrible storms and needed to jot down my distance or name of the next destination without taking out my phone and risking the damage. 
It's always a good idea to carry a small pen and paper with you when you venture outdoors, so better to have ones that are built to

Bond Street Interview w/ Joe Franquinha

Thank you to Bond Street for the article and interview with Crest Hardware Owner, Joseph Franquinha. 
It's a great read for interesting tidbits on the history of Crest and how the business has changed throughout the years. 
Hope you enjoy!


Photo Courtesy of Bond Street

Photo Courtesy of Bond Street

Popular Mechanics & Crest Hardware

We are honored to be recently featured on Popular Mechanics as one of America's Best Hardware Stores! The article features our beloved Franklin the Pig and a blurb written by Kevin Dupzyk.

Check out the full article here: America's Best Hardware Stores

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Franklin the Pig

Franklin the Pig